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Labsure is a non-profit initiative to make COVID PCR border testing more resilient

Connected Labs. Safer Borders.

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other labs will need to connect to you

Mandatory COVID-19 PCR testing of international passenger arrivals in summer 2021 will place unprecedented demands on labs. Labsure is a call to action to meet that challenge.

Labs need to be connected to one or more other labs to manage demand. We help them connect faster, and find partners to share capacity with.

Helping labs share day 2 capacity to manage surge demand

Supporters include TestRAMP, Oncologica, Source Bio, Nonacus, Circular1, Dante & Yourgene Health.

We help labs Share Capacity - if you choose

In-House  Day 2 

PCR / sequencing  for your own clients               

Share Capacity

Take in Day 2 work from other labs if you choose to.


Outsource Day 2 surge demand to other labs if needed

We help labs Prepare to Share

Validate VTMs, to be able to accept other labs' samples at short notice

Integrate APIs

... now, to be ready to connect with other labs                       

Draft Contracts, 2-way with other labs, ready to take in work or outsource.


during surges, share info on your capacity shortfalls & surpluses


Arrange rapid logistics with other labs for subcontracting

Making labs more resilient

If you process Day 2 in-house, and want to balance your capacity with other labs to manage surge demand, we can connect you. 

If you want to get ready to share, we can help.

Safer, more robust border testing.


...other labs shared details

Contact Details
API docs
Template Contracts
Validated VTM / Kits
Sequencing Specs

Labsure is retired. For more information see Mike Hudson Foundation

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